Fluid Milk

Fluid Milk Lotus

Well-being from milk

At Lotus, milk is our passion. Our wide network of more than 1500 village milk procurement centres are committed towards a single goal—providing high-quality, reliable and health some milk that nurtures the well-being of every consumer. Today Lotus procures milk from over 1,20,000 farmers which exceeds to 6,00,000 liters per day.

From cow milk to full cream milk and more, our offering integrates convenient solutions to use in kitchen and hospitality sector. Maintaining the highest standard of quality, our entire food chain undergoes stringent checks establishing a trustworthy and consistent milk process optimization.

Let's Partner For Growth

We aim to grow our reach and enhance the quality of life of people. Collaborate with us and let’s take the dairy well-being to the heights of success guaranteeing mutual and societal benefits.

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