Lotus Dairy

SE-1B SME rating by CRISIL (2014-01-29)

Lotus Dairy has been awarded SE-1B SME rating by CRISIL indicating Highest Performance Capability and moderate financial strength adjudged in relation to other SSI's. This rating has been assigned under the scheme for Rating of Small Scale Industries, formulated, and subsidized by the National Small Scale Industries Corporation limited, New Delhi (NSIC).

Key Rating Drivers:

  • * Competent Promoters having experience of 35 Years in the same line of business.

  • * A track record of 11 years indicates the company's ability to survive business cycles.

  • * Strong customer base that comprise Nestle India Limited (rated Crisil AAA/stable/Crisil A+) reduces customer concentration risk.

  • * Stable Revenues Due to:
       » Wide Reach cross Rajasthan, National Capital Region (NCR), and Haryana.
       » Retail Customer Base.
       » Diverse Product Portfolio.

  • * Well defined organizational structure supported by qualified and experienced second tier management that has decsion making powers.

  • * Good Working capital management: payable and receivables are in line with credit terms of the company.