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Rooting the seeds of
Well-being since decades…

The root of H.P Modi group dates back to the 20th century in the desert town Bikaner, Rajasthan. It was here, Late. Hanuman Prasad Modi started small milk procurement and trading firm in 1968, laying the Foundation of H.P Modi Group. Our Group's Founding Father has set up the firm in the critical diary sector. Overcoming numerous contradictions in the emerging market of India, H.P Modi pursued his business goals with utmost dedication and transparency, emerging as one of the foremost Business person.

Over a decade of entrepreneurship and innovation Image

Over a decade of
entrepreneurship and innovation

What started a small milk procurement firm has grown and expanded its reach on a plethora of segments in market. Expanding through the years, Lotus was officially incorporated in 2001 with a milk handling capacity of 200,000 liters per day. The expansion journey since then has been immense with establishing a strong foothold in every dimension of milk processing, procurement and supply. Lotus has been one of the fastest growing dairy businesses in Northern India since last 15 years. Today, the corporate stands strong in the industry with four colossal state-of-the-art production facilities in Rajasthan.

Over the years since, we have proved our worth in diary production and crafted an unrivalled niche in the Indian dairy industry. Our passion to give back to the society in a wholesome and health some loop of mutual growth grows stronger with every passing year. The seeds that were sown to innovate, matching the modern steps of the advancing world while being true to the traditional heritage, code and ethics, fuels our robust expansion.

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The Dairy of Well-being

Lotus Dairy distinguishes itself from other dairy companies by defining its purpose not only in terms of value creation for its shareholders, but also for its other stakeholders, including farmers, customers, employees, investors, vendors, communities, and the environment. As a family-owned company, we are dedicated to improving the communities where we live and work, because we understand that their prosperity and well-being is critical to the success of our customer-focused business.

Let's Partner For Growth

We aim to grow our reach and enhance the quality of life of people. Collaborate with us and let’s take the dairy well-being to the heights of success guaranteeing mutual and societal benefits.

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